Best Business opportunities in Dubai during expo 2020

The World Expo 2020 will be hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, opening a plethora of business opportunities in Dubai. The business expo 2020 in Dubai will run for 173 days and host a total of 191 nations.

Business Opportunities in Dubai during Expo 2020 won’t just be for the citizens and residents of UAE, but to foreign investors, thereby boosting the economy of Dubai. Given the amendments to the ownership laws, commerce and trade are at their peak in the country.

If you are an investor, and wanting to invest or incorporate a business in UAE, here are a few opportunities:

  • E-commerce: One of the fastest growing markets in the MENA region, the E-commerce market is predicted to be at AED 12 billion of GDP by 2023. What initiated this? The growth of smart government initiatives and programs along with trust in digital payments, and increased security. How do you benefit? You can run the business remotely while raking in the low taxation benefits.
  • Healthcare: Another focused business segment constantly evolving and growing in the UAE. Given the medical and healthcare innovation, the medicinal field is booming and has attracted international companies to collaborate. Doctors, Medical Practitioner, and medical companies have complete leverage to set up and grow their business in the UAE.
  • Construction: The long-term infrastructure plan opens massive opportunities for engineers and other professionals in the building and construction sector. If you are in the construction business – now would be a good time to make the move to Dubai.
  • Information Technology: Web-based cloud computing, Infrastructure as a service, software as a service, platform as a service, utility services and more will surely attract a lot of investors. IT projects are the need of the hour, and with IT being an emerging industry – there will be lots to deliver directly over the internet as a service.

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