Beefer the 1,500-Degree Grill

What is a Beefer exactly? Yea, I didn’t think it was a 1,500-degree gas grill either. You probably don’t want to know what my original guess was due to my habit of living in the gutter. I guess I should have also thought about something involving BBQ. The more that I learn about this ceramic gas burner the cooler it seems for something that gets super hot. The Beefer gets extra cool points because of the way they describe the 1,500 degrees (F) of heat output as “no warm breeze.”

This German-made grill uses a propane tank. It also comes with a simple electric ignitor that fires up the burner. The heat zones range from 900 degrees up to 1,500 for a perfect sear every time. It gives you a 10-step regulation system too so you have full heat control. The stainless steel box design captures all the meat juices so you use it for sauces or whatever you want. The gastro tray gets every bit of juice that drips down off the meat.

The Beefer 1,500 Degree Grill is made of 100% Stainless Steel. The Original for perfect steaks, burgers and so much more is on Amazon for $699.00.  Get it today!


Look at this awesome job it does all types of meat!

The German-made Beefer


Beefer the 1,500-Degree Grill…Buy it on Amazon for $699.00.


  • Sturdy Quality Made in Germany
  • A real Taste Converter with stunning 1,500 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Over Fired Propane Gas Grill for perfect Steaks and so much more
  • Prepare the best Steaks, Burgers and Sea Food
  • Ready to Go Set with 2 x Grill Grate, 2 x Gastro Tray, 1 x Handle, 1 x Glove, 1 x Gas Hose 40″ length

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