Atari Flashback 3 Classic Console

Kids nowadays may never know the joys of the classic Atari games, but they can if you buy this console. This Atari Flashback 3 Classic Console is available through Amazon for 27.22.

This home gaming console comes with 60 Atari games built-in. It also has 2 original Atari style controllers, TV connectivity and a classic limited edition Atari poster included. These old school games may not have the visual today’s games have, but they’re still so much fun to play. Get one for the kids or the old folks so they can think of day’s past. It’s also important to know what got it all going. People of all ages will love this investment in entertainment.

The original video game system that got everyone hooked.

Check out the Old school Atari Flashback 3 Classic Console on Amazon for $27.22.

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