Why Are Your Instagram Stories Views Dropping and What You Can Do About It?

Instagram Stories are based on Snapchat. For businesses, it’s become a great tool for visual marketing campaigns that get people to follow and tell stories. Every day and over 500 million individuals use Instagram Stories.

More people will view and follow your account if you use Instagram Stories. However, most Instagram users are seeing About Views on their stories.

Why Are Instagram Story Views Down?

In order to keep your followers from seeing your stories, you can hide them from your feed.

This could lead to more Instagram followers if your stories are seen a lot. Visitors to your Instagram Stories might decide to follow or purchase from you. The more people who see your Instagram Stories, the better for your business they are, so that’s why. Instagram users have used bot services in the past to get more people to see their stories, in the hope of growing their fan base and getting more attention. Instagram, on the other hand, took action against these fake accounts. They deleted their fake likes, comments, and followers. As a result, a new way to show stories to a large number of people was created.

Many people saw a big rise in Instagram Story views from people who were not well known. These were mostly from folks who had little interest in the story.

People who used to be strangers now have a huge following. There were a lot of people on Reddit who said that Russian models, DJs, and playmates all had their own thoughts.

Another person reported that after 1,500,000 people watched their stories in one day, they earned 50–60 followers. According to some claims, Instagram was using a lot of story views to help people find new accounts.

A person or computer will not be marked as a “bot” on Instagram as long as they are looking at your stories. It will look like real people are following your stories, rather than automated bots that follow them.

As a consequence, Instagram acknowledged the existence of an issue and promised to address it. Since they recently changed this, Instagram Story views have gone down.

Tips to Increase Instagram Story Views:

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If you follow these suggestions, more people will notice your Instagram stories.

1.      Examine Your Analytics to Boost Instagram Stories Views:

Businesses can use Instagram Stories to connect with their customers, grow their following, and make more money. However, if you don’t know which tactics work and which don’t, you won’t be able to improve.

Before you can come up with a winning marketing plan, you need to look at how Instagram Stories are working for you now. Use this tool to figure out what’s causing your Instagram Stories views to decline.

The number of people who have seen each of your Instagram stories may be found in your account’s statistics.

You could see if your Instagram Story views have decreased by looking at the stats. Sort the stories by how many times they have been read. The kind of material, the dates, and the editing styles should all be checked.

A lot of people retweeted your Instagram Story, so you can see how many people clicked on your links and how many people pushed back or advanced to leave the story. In addition, you can see how many unique accounts have seen your story, how many backward and forward taps there have been, and how many people have left the story through the back or forward buttons.

Instagram’s app stats may not show how many people saw a post, but you can check this for yourself. Keep in mind that Instagram Stories analytics are only kept on the app for two weeks.

As a result, it makes sense to pay for an Instagram analytics service. Two benefits of using these technologies are having a longer time horizon and being able to keep an eye on your data over a longer period of time.

Analytics are used to figure out the best Instagram Story content and the best times and days to post it. You’ll be able to see which posts get the most attention, as well as the best days and times to post them. People who use Instagram for business can use this information to make, review, and improve their marketing plan.

2.      Use Diverse and Creative Content:

Planning is needed to keep a steady flow of high-quality Instagram Stories content coming. Prior to putting pen to paper, consider who you’re writing for and what your message is.

Customers want brands to give them useful and interesting information. To stand out on Instagram, you’ll need to use Instagram Stories to tell your story about yourself. Most of the material created by the world’s most well-known brands is irrelevant, of poor quality, or doesn’t meet the needs of the people it’s supposed to help.

Using content marketing tools can help you make sure your Instagram followers see high-quality content. The use of these applications streamlines the management of your content marketing efforts. These technologies can help with strategic planning, content development, and distribution, as well as measurement and optimization. They can also help with these things.

Try out different formats for your Instagram stories if you want to spice them up a little. The people who read your posts will get tired of them if you only write inspirational quotes on them all the time. There are a lot of different types of content that you should put up to keep your audience interested and attract new ones.

Add videos, photos, and even boomerangs to your campaign if you think it would be good. It’s possible to mix and match the two to make things more interesting. Additionally, you can share Instagram posts in your Stories as well. Make sure they’re the best movies or photographs you have before posting them to your Story.

Adobe Spark, Pixlr, Renderforest, and Animaker make it easy for you to quickly and easily make high-quality images and videos.

National Geographic has a big grip on Instagram Stories. They use photography and narrative to show off award-winning photos and studies of the natural world that they’ve done. They use Instagram Stories to teach and encourage people all over the world to help with conservation efforts.

●       Keep your followers up to date on important news, events, and developments.

●       Make sure to show customer testimonials.

●       At work, do things together.

●       Include behind-the-scenes images and videos from events and holidays.

●       Show off the outreach projects your brand is a part of.

3- Post Frequently:

Every day or whenever is convenient, significantly cuts down on your ability to connect with followers. The lack of interest in your Story may be due to this. To learn more, post more frequently. However, make sure that your posts are of the highest quality.

Those that follow you on Instagram will be able to see their stories at the top of their feed. When you use the app, only four stories are shown next to your profile picture at a time. As a result, if you want to keep in touch with your followers, you must post on a regular basis.

Instagram Stories are a good idea if you keep a schedule for writing about them, like this: The best thing you can do is to upload your stories when you think they will have the most impact. The more often you share, the more your followers will come to expect new, unique stories from you.

Instagram Stories stats might help you figure out when to post, and this information is available there. There are many ways that data can help you make the most of your time and effort, such as: If you post your stories at the right time, they may be seen by more people.

4- Make Use of Stickers:

Instagram Stories stickers can be used to make it easier to watch. They will help you get your audience’s attention and make them more interested, too.


The fact that your Instagram stories get no attention doesn’t mean that you should worry. If you want to get more people to see your Instagram stories and comment on them, there are a lot of things you can do. As a result, by using the strategies above, you’ll be able to get real story views.

Check at your existing analytics to see where you stand right now. Unique and high-quality content should be in your stories. It’s possible to add a very little spice to your story by using stickers. To stay up-to-date, you should post them often. If you want, you can also use stories to promote discounts and deals, which can help you get more people to like and see your content more often.

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