Any idea about the lifespan of spiders? Check out “How long do Spiders live?” in this article!

Are you afraid of Spiders? Because I am! Our today’s article is all about Spiders and their life spans. Did you know? There exist more than 40,000 different species of Spider worldwide. Some of them are the deadliest spiders who can take your life in seconds. I am not very fond of spiders, which makes me say they look horrible. Also, the breeding process for spiders varies. Read this article full for more info.

The lifespan of spiders: How long do Spiders live?

I will tell you an interesting fact about a spider’s lifespan. A spider can live upto twenty years while held captive. The normal lifespan of Spider is not more than two years. However, if they live under protection with care, they can live for several years. Also, male spiders have a shorter lifespan than female spiders.

Why do female spiders live longer than Male spiders?

Yes, male spiders indeed live a very short life than female spiders. Why? If we go deep to find the reason behind this, it will take hours to debate. I can try to explain to you in simple words. Male spiders die immediately after mating. After the mating process, the male Spider shrinks and hangs over the female Spider. Sometimes, the female Spider eats the male Spider after dangling over them. If not, then they die a mandatory death.

How do Spiders die?

As I mentioned above, some die a mandatory death after mating. Some fail because they were eaten alive by their breeding partners. Moreover, some of them are eaten by wasps. You may not be aware, but the wasps hatch their eggs in the Spider’s stomach. After That, when the eggs are hatched into larva, Wasps eat the spiders starting from their stomachs. Weird, isn’t it?

What are the factors affecting the life of Spiders?

Just like human beings, spiders are also prone to diseases. The most common threat to spiders are parasites and fungal infections. The worms are proven to be the deadliest living beings that can eat their hosts from inside. At first, Parasites attack the internal tissues of the spiders. This, however. Does not kill the spiders but weakens them for life. The parasite attack makes the dying process slow but obvious.

How does Spider survive in this world full of enemies?

Spiders have many enemies all over the world. However, they have survived for thousands of years and developed several strategies to encounter their enemies during evolution. Moreover, spiders exhibit a very amazing ability to chop off their limbs if any predator grabs them by their legs. Another amazing fact is that baby spiders can revive their legs again. This process of limb rejuvenation is termed “Autotomy.”

You may not believe that Spiders can camouflage at times of danger. They are trained to hide in the corners when enemies are around them. And we used to think that spiders were only capable of building spider webs.


Today, we got to know many hidden facts about Spiders. I think we didn’t realize how smart spiders are. I hope you like this article. Thank you and take care!

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