SPN Philosophy

“If it’s not win-win it’s not SPN!”

The Service Professionals Network (SPN) is a social media networking and publishing site. Our blog is also open to guest posts from SPN members. We just want to network better on LinkedIn while raising a little money for a nonprofit.

SPN began as a networking group on LinkedIn and Facebook in 2015. Those groups have a focus on promoting the golden rule and helping the world around you. 

We have done a lot of nonprofit fundraising for various causes through social media over the years. This site was made to help us take our efforts to help others to the next level. Our goal is to grow this site to a size that enables us to truly help a lot of people.

Now, we have this blogging community and social media network to help us take our efforts to the next level. Win-win thinking and the golden rule mindset is something we should spread around a little bit more.

The more active members and sponsors this site obtains the more we will be able to help others. Create a free account and have fun making friends and sharing your content with the world.

Mike O’Connor is the creator of SPN and founder of this website. Mike and many other SPN members network on all the major social media platforms. Check SPN profiles to see where else you can network with other members. You can also join the social media groups to find win-win networking partners.

Thanks for stopping by and take care until next time!