With tens of thousands of daily visitors, and a constantly growing global business directory, SPN is the online network where everyone from small business owners to bloggers to jobseekers can improve their visibility and take advantage of a plethora of free resources. They can also have fun looking at memes or crazy videos.

This is a professional and social networking website with a little something for everyone. We also provide high-ranking backlinks that help people improve their visibility. Anyone can use this site to generate referrals, improve their online visibility, build awesome relationships, and share whatever they want for the most part. Check out the SPN rules for more details on what you can and can’t do.

SPN is a private company that isn’t venture-backed by any Fortune 500 companies. This site was built by Mike O’Connor and it gets support from small business owner sponsors. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t provide a lot of free value; just take a lot at our online rankings and traffic. This site will provide value to anyone that uses it.

We got going in 2016 and we grow a little bit every day due to the awesome people already networking here. In fact, we get hundreds of thousands of clicks daily from every part of the world. With every new member, blog, posts, and business listing, we provide more value to every member of the site.

This site is free to use as long as you don’t abuse it or bother too many people. We make money from affiliate marketing, so please excuse all the shopping blogs you will see. The Amazon blogs and our sponsors helps us keep this site up and free to use. Take a look at our affiliate marketing disclosure for more information.


Before starting SPN, Mike O’Connor spent years as professional ghost-writer and social media marketing and networking coach. Every business owner needs marketing and every person can benefit from a large professional or social network.

Knowing the importance of networking and marketing, as well as the games that people play to take advantage of people, Mike O’Connor decided to build a site that provides real value and unbelievable resources for as many people as possible. 

Since launching in December of 2016, SPN has been able to help a lot of people, and we look forward to helping many more in as many ways as possible. We hope you join us.