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  • Catch me on Twitter! Happy to follow you back!

  • @andradaanitei
    Thank you for joining the site early! I\’ll do my best to make it beneficial! :)

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  • Well, making progress on the link thing…the little hyperlink icon will present a preview, but not post. If you drop a link and nothing else in big white box, then you can post your links. IF you edit it, after it post you will take away the ability to play it on this site. The hyperlink will still work. You can also drop urls in here with text and the link will work, but not the player. Who wants to bet I figure this out in the 48? @andyvargo @laurakiley @pbrierleymarketing I apparently have some kinks to fix in tagging too. :)

  • Well, making progress on the link thing…the little hyperlink icon will present a preview, but not post. If you drop a link and nothing else in big white box, then you can post your links. IF you edit it, after it post you will take away the ability to play it on this site. The hyperlink will still work. You can also drop urls in here with text and the link will work, but not the player. Who wants to bet I figure this out in the 48?

  • You best beware

  • Happy Monday SPN Family! What are you doing today to build your dream?

  • Testing your instagram posting

  • Making progress on the notification tracking. The notifications are going to start taking you to the right spots…slowly, but progress.

    I\’ll have it straight soon.

  • A lot of people are good at what they do.

    Some are even elite.

    A select few are completely unstoppable.

    Those who are unstoppable are in their own world.

    They don’t compete with anyone but themselves.

    You never know what they will do — only that you will be forced to respond.

    Even though they don’t compete with you, they make you compete with them.

    Are you unstoppable?

  • To view our products, please visit: jbssynthetics.myamsoil.com

  • Guys…use the little hyperlink chain in your update box to share your Instagram URLs and people can PIN or share them from this site.

    As people join the site you will start to get a lot of traffic to your Instagram by doing this.

  • Disabled a few things and added a few others. I also cleaned up some the code and got on servers. All in all it was a stressful, but productive weekend. Thank you for your patience. I am hoping that is the end of the page speed issues for a while. :)

    Time to get some articles published in the morning and highlight some new people. Thank you all again for joining #SPN! Your faith and encouragement means more than you know! truly.

    Lets build a great platform that helps people win!

    *on a side note, notification tracking is my next task.

  • A Navy Veteran, entrepreneur sharing the benefits of 100% Synthetic Lubricants. Married to my best friend, with 2 wonderful children. E5999073-1DB5-4C67-8243-66A5BE35E0A7

  • Hey everyone! If we\’ve never talked before I\’d like to get to know you better. I have a personal goal of having at least one 20-minute conversation (a real conversation) each day. If you\’d be interested in talking (don\’t worry, I won\’t try to sell you anything – I might try to help you if I can though). Feel free to sign up for a time to talk here

  • @brigittejowanka hey thanks for the request, look forward to connecting more with you and getting know more about what you do. Hope you\’re having a great day!

  • Dear friends,
    Please remember that I can\’t friend you without a personal profile picture. Have a beautiful Sunday ☀🥁☀

    Mike, I thank you for the work. I can\’t even imagine how much you invest! 🔥🥁

  • Sorry for the dragging and stuff today guys. I had to get this traffic on here to learn how to optimize things. Had it setup pretty good, but had image/server issues. Got that handled, but had to reoptimize every image. Since I had to kill the speed anyway I decided to move somethings around to make the site less confusing and much faster. I also wanted to optimize it as much as possible for the phone versions. The side bar on the right on desktop will be at the bottom on your phone. All the thumbnails being further down the page will make it load much faster, so there you go. Have more backups in place and optimized a lot of stuff on the backend. Things will be much faster and easier to use soon. Thanks, guys!

  • 💥Welcome to the SPN Win-Win-Marketing Network 🎯@titianiehorster Mary is here too 😁👍 @maryhenderson

  • Big thank you to the Discover County Network for their help with spreading the word about the Service Professionals Network!! Thank you!! #WinWin

  • I love me some Maya Angelou!!! One of the wisest women for me.

  • I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! I am enjoying getting to know this wonderful group and learning how to use this new site!

    I am always laughing at myself thinking how much I will really get accomplished over the weekend. There’s something about a little open-ended space and breathing room that draws me in. And it doesn’t hurt that we are in the most beautiful time of the year here in South Florida! 🌞🌴

    I’m excited too because my local private practice is taking on a very interesting direction in working with members of Gen Z and young millennials. A good number of my clients are either young adults struggling with the anxiety of adult responsibilities or are parenting one of these young adults (including myself) and trying to figure out how to help them. I am finally “nicheing” down!

    I’ve been focusing much of the past two weeks on the best ways to market to both groups. It is definitely challenging me, but I’m seeing some results and that eggs me on.

    What exciting directions are happening in your business right now?

  • Just joined the SPN team and looking forward to sharing and receiving content and knowledge to help us all grow professionally and personally.

  • Good morning friends,
    I had a tough week like some of us. Glad to lift my spirit with celebrating my grandsons 6th Birthday.
    Please be patient with me. I am still trying to figure out all upload on here.
    Yes -I want to share more articles with you all!

  • Thank you all for joining. I\’ll be tweaking things like notifications and images on comments over the weekend. Playing with different things to see what works best.

  • disabled a lot of things and excluded a bunch of files from loading. So some things may not work for a bit, but you will notice it going faster and some features coming and going. By the time I am done adjusting things this is going to be a digital marketing and social media playground.

  • Echo Wise posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    Can you post your photo/ Logo with using Gravatar? @spnlocal2017

    • I disabled that for now to encourage people to upload their profile pictures on this site. It also is currently drag page load time and usability. I will be playing with the integration though. I may actually hide the wordpress login altogether depending on feedback I get from a few security experts.

      Doing a lot to make this thing as user friendly and safe as possible. There is a lot of spam protection already. Really working on making it as 100% as I can.

    • I took down that feature due to speed and potential security issues.

  • Top right corner of the screen…click your image and scroll through your notifications and settings. You will also see a little blue dot now…with a scroll down for notification…still working on making them take you to the right spot though. #Progess

  • @spnlocal2017
    Such a page must be soooo much work. I am very impressed 💚 thank you friend ! Brigitte

  • :) :( Testing Emojis.

  • :0 Testing :) :( :/

  • Profile photo 153PX-BW-HEADSHOT

  • David R. Smith posted an update in the group SPN 2 years, 3 months ago

    \”The Universe is Change. Life is Opinion.\” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 4.3.4b

    Our understanding of what something is, is just a snapshot-an ephemeral opinion. The universe is in o constant state of change. Our nails grow and are cut and keep growing. New skin replaces dead skin. Old memories are replaced by new memories. Are we still the same people? Are the people around us the same? Nothing is exempt from this fluidity, not even the things we hold most sacred. \”The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.\”

    This quote says that everything is changing, we must accept that everything changes and that our opinion of Life is just that. Our opinion is based on the facts at hand or want we have been taught. But, if everything is changing in the Universe shouldn\’t our opinions change with it? What do you think??

  • Have you ever been confused for a worker when shopping at a store?

    • Yes!

      And I bet you guessed it right, since we are part of service professionals… you know I also helped that stores customer if I could and/or hunted down a representative from that store!


  • What’s your commercial for you? Just wrapped up the edits for my new intro video and gotta say, its pretty empowering to pull together Your offerings into one message.

  • Hello all, I\’m still trying to get into the swing of using this Social platform…forgive me if it takes me awhile to respond.

    • Just take it one day at a time. This platform is actually pretty easy to use. Just post what is going on in your life or career. What can we do for you? What can you do for us? It’s all about Win-Win relationships.

    • No worried, just post something that you can do for us and then let us know what we can do for you. It’s that simple. Win-Win relationships is all we are looking for!!

  • Well, i figured out most of my caching and storage issues, so the site will run fast most of the time.

    If I dump the cache, which I will have to do a few times a day, until I get bigger servers, it will run slow, until the files have been loaded a few times.

    However, I am pumped it runs like it does right now, because it\’s much better than I expected. It can handle the traffic for the most part.

    I\’ll be on and off in regards to my availability depending on how much I have to do on the back end.

    Working on the notification bug, then image optimization and who viewed your profile.

  • @spnlocal2017 cool site!

    • I am working on the notification bugs now! lol I’ll have it fixed soon…I hope. Then I will work on the who viewed your profile feature.

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