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  • @ivonneteoh
    Hi Ivonne,

    Thank you very much for connecting and adding me to your network.
    I look forward to communicating with you on SPN!
    Thanks again and hope you have a great day!!



  • Finally learning how to use #SPN!
    Still a bit wonky on mobile but I’m loving what I’m seeing thus far.
    Again, a big thanks to Mike for making this possible and inviting me to join.
    Together we can do great things!
    If you’re a business owner and need a hand; be it with client acquisition, marketing, or branding strategy, feel free to shoot me an email at vtremblay@abncircle.com or visit our site and fill out a free evaluation. Much love!

  • *Update… #HowTo upload to your own gallery….top right…click on little creepy dude. Go down to media. Click what you want and upload. Try not to upload too many videos or long videos please. This is not YouTube…yet. lol

    • This will make it easy for people to find images you really want to share.

      It will also enable you to make a tumblr style cascade ( i hope lol). Should be able to make a pretty unique gallery, if you want. You can also add SEO tags, titles and hyperlinks to your social media page (instagram or whatever) and your websites.

  • *Update….Top Right Corner…working on replacing little creepy dude with profile pictures, still.

    However, I did add message privacy settings, so click the little dude and go down to privacy setting. You\’ll see message privacy, so you can set that to friends only. This will prevent people from opening a new account and sending you SPAM messages should they get by all the other checks. You can also ban people from sending you private messages as well.


  • Here is where I share images from this site to #Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ServiceProfessionalsNetwork/

  • Bashar posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    How sweet is this quote: “A flower doesn’t lower itself to attract the bee; it blossoms, and the bee comes.”

  • Aimviva Logo AV_LOGO8

  • Hi Everyone…. Does your company move people around the globe? Do you need mobility/immigration solutions and international payrolls? Contact : New Generation Global Services (Pty)Ltd for a tailor made solution!

    • Charmaine Nel
      You should try the power of Google Adwords to get potential clients (who are actively looking for immigration services) from your desired countries. That will get you such clients, who are ready to buy.

      Let me know for any help in lead generation from your choice of countries.



  • Connect with me on #SPN! I accept all invites!

  • Hello Network,
    How are you doing?
    I\’m really happy to be here. Currently I starting a Company where offer Information Technologies Services and we are specialized in Microsoft Software.
    We bring Software Develoment, Microsoft Dynamics Consultancy and Information Security Services.
    I´m looking for C2C contacts.

    Have a nice day. Imagenes de Consultoria

  • @theodorosioannidis
    Hi! Thanks for joining the site! I look forward to networking with and building a win-win, @Theodorosioannidis!

  • Glad to have made some new friends in here and reconnect with some old ones.

    Hopefully we can all assist each other in reaching each other’s goals.

  • This nails it.

  • Friends, where do you recommend to upload an article of mine?

    I\’d like to share.
    But I do all on phone right now…
    Missing the big screen desktop window.
    Any help, anytime. Thank you


  • I’m using my cell phone and unable to upload my photo. I upload but I’m not sure how to save???

    Thanks in advance

  • Kyle posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    I\’m poking back! Lol

  • Echo Wise posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    Just finished ready SPN’s blogging tips and terms…wow good read!

  • We all get the same amount of time. I eliminated a lot of things out of my life, so I could focus on learning and growing. Best decisions of my life.

    #ChooseYourWords #AllowTheGoodIn
    My #fortnite kill death ratio sucks, but I learn many new things every day now. Learning at any age can become very addictive. Winning is always fun too.

    I liked to fight, because of the skill and the quick thinking it requires to be successful.

    Wrestling and fighting taught me that quitting just means you got your ass kicked for nothing.

    The whole chip on my shoulder from all the triggers of my youth just changed a bit. I know how to process anger in a pretty healthy way now.

    In fact, It’s hard to get me angry anymore. Some people mistake my passion for anger at times.

    Look, I’m a fiery guy and I enjoy life on the manic side. #depression sucks. The fire makes it all fun and it’s not going anywhere.

    Never trigger or provoke a person with OCD tendencies and an ENTJ personality type to prove you wrong.

    Always encourage people to truly look at their “quirks” or “faults” in a positive way.

    Don’t let anyone beat you down over the way you view things or go through the world. The issue truly lies with the person casting stones (unless you’re a crook or a fraud…that is different. #DontBeADave)

    Some of you know the things that were said and done that prompt some of my drive. Some of you don’t. It’s don’t really matter now.

    I wouldn’t change a thing that led me to the path that I am currently traveling. There are no shadows. The light is bright and my vision is clear.

    • It is a snowball, so I like to bring it up to remind people to snap out of it at times. We all need the reminders here and there. Thank you so much!

    • Mike – awesome insights! I’m starting to prioritize as well, which is making me cognizant of what activities to eliminate and which ones to pursue. Thanks for your awesome advice, brother!

      • It all has to balance. You can’t spend all your time on the phone, creating videos or engaging on social media. You always have to add in something that monetizes it all long-term. So many people spend all day chasing their tail or the tails of others, which is even worse.

  • @lynnengland
    Hi, Lynn! Thanks for joining us here! You rock!

  • Danielle posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    I’ve always said that having a boss that supports you is a great foundation for success. Great article to read

  • Hey, lookie what I found! 3 people joined this group besides me! Thanks everyone! Looking forward to hearing from y’all and learning from you, and exchanging ideas.

  • The way I approach digital marketing is through an umbrella approach. My “Discover” Community Network creates area based umbrellas, The DCN sites creates niche umbrellas, and the DCN Internet Radio Network creates what I call a universal umbrella (Music, Talk Radio) This way content can be shared if it is relevant to the area or niche.

  • \”Soul food\” for me.LOL
    Recovering from bronchitis. Stay healthy friends!

  • Memory Recall Tricks
    How to improve your memory

    The mind works best under stress so exercise, listen to music or take notes as you study.

    Our mind remembers stories better than facts and figures create a story that includes the facts and figures.

    Imagine your story as a video with strange visuals, bizarre acronyms, silly rhymes. Its easier to remember something weird

    The mind stores memory in different areas engaging all senses creates different memory pathways, and the more multisensory the memory the stronger the connections

    Create a similar study and recall routine. For instance, if you study while drinking a soda, have one when you need to recall the facts

    Have a similar state of mind studying and at recall. Memorizing a speech in a quiet room is fine, but if you know, you will be stressed when delivering it create stress in your environment as you memorize

    Create a ‘Memory Palace.’ An imaginary place you know well. Place the information within the palace in different rooms in strange places. Walk through the palace to recall and retrieve the information where you left it.

    Memory transfers, from the hippocampus to long-term memory when we sleep. So, naps and a good night’s sleep are essential to help save the information.

    If you find these posts on memory interesting and of value please like, comment or share and ask questions or comment

  • trying to make some sense of it all, but I can see it makes no sense at all.

  • GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Join #SPN and grow like @live20 – Luke Williams!

    Meet him on #SPN here: https://serviceprofessionalsnetwork.com/members/live20/profile/

    Meet him on LinkedIn here:

  • @spnlocal2017
    Hey Mikie! @spnlocal2017 — any advice (in plain language please!) to get rid of the goofy pic that I still see by my name over to the right? –> I was able to get the pic on my profile correct, but that one –> is still the goofy guy with the hat!

    • If you click the guy with the hat it will bring down your options. The goofy guy with the hat is your avatar for the backend. If you click edit profile there and go into the backend you should be able to save a new avatar/profile picture. :) He is a creepy little bastard, isn’t he?

      • I will try that Mike, appreciate you bro! Indeed he IS creepy – he reminds me of that guy from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

        • One more thing, I need to fix. It worked yesterday. Something I did on the backend disabled it.

          On a side note, I got separated the notification titles n stuff, so notifications are taking people to the right spots now.

        • I keep giving up on this avatar thing. I fix it and it works for like a second…meh…fixing a lot of other things when i get frustrated with this. lol

  • Workplace bullies a problem? I know they were for me:

    • This is simply AWESOME @robynochoa132! This speaks to me because I have a lot of bad habits that are always tripping me up. A “To-Don’t” List is exactly what I need! So glad we connected – thanks for the wisdom!

      • Thank you so much Ron! It was a breakthrough for myself when I finally figured that out! Thank you for your comment and for giving it a read!

  • Catch me on Twitter! Happy to follow you back!

  • @robynochoa133
    Thank you for joining the site early! I\’ll do my best to make it beneficial! :)

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SERVPRO of Lower Manhattan / Financial District is a highly trusted property damage restoration specialist in NYC. We provide services such as water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, storm damage restoration, and other commercial services. Beside priding ourselves

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