7 Reasons Why You Should Start Riding Electric Scooters Today

Electric scooters are slowly dominating streets as their popularity and demand increase over time. After all, more people are seeing more reasons to buy an electric scooter, from its convenience to its environmental impact. Moreover, thanks to brands like Mearth, Xiaomi, Razor, and Segway electric scooters, commuters have more options, allowing them to choose the right e-scooter for their lifestyle. If you are not sure if you should get an electric scooter, then here are 7 reasons why you should start riding electric scooters today.


1. Make your commutes more efficient

A 2017 report from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia found that commuters spend 4.5 hours more on the road due to congestion. This is a lot of time wasted for businesses and individuals. 


However, with electric scooters, commuters can save more time. After all, electric scooters have a slim, compact, and small size and can take smaller and shorter alternative routes to bypass traffic. Because of this, riders have a shorter travel time, and they get to their destination faster.

2. Contribute to cleaning the air

One of the main reasons for the e-scooter’s popularity is its positive impact on the environment. However, why are electric scooters good for the environment? For one, it does not produce any harmful emissions since it does not need fuel to run. As a result, it helps reduce the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and make the air cleaner, especially in cities.


In fact, a study by Lime found that e-scooters in Paris helped save over 330 tons of carbon emissions in a year. If Paris continues to allow e-scooters, they could save over 10,000 carbon emissions by 2030. If more cities and people use e-scooters, then the world could reduce air pollution significantly.

3. Help reduce noise pollution in cities

Aside from the environmental benefits of electric scooters, using e-scooters and other micro-mobility devices also help in reducing noise pollution. Noise pollution occurs when there is excessive noise from a range of sources within an area or city. 


Since road transportation is one of the main contributors to noise pollution, e-scooters help lessen noise since these electric devices are quieter. After all, they don’t have fueled engines. By using e-scooters, cities can improve noise pollution levels and have a more peaceful neighbourhood, especially in residential areas.

4. Save on transportation costs

Another reason to get an electric scooter is the affordable transportation costs. Whether you will be using a shared or personal electric scooter, you will definitely feel its cost-saving benefits. Riding a shared electric scooter for 10 minutes costs an average of $5. This is similar to riding public transportation, but you don’t have to sit and wait for traffic and you don’t have to squeeze yourself inside a crowded bus or subway.


Meanwhile, personal e-scooters may have a high initial cost, but riders can buy a decent commuter electric scooter from $300-$800. Moreover, e-scooters have little to no maintenance, so there’s also little to no costs after you buy an e-scooter. Overall, you save more on transportation, compared to riding a car or public transportation.

5. Gain access to opportunities

One of the reasons to get an electric scooter is to gain more access to opportunities within a city. Since e-scooters offer a more convenient and efficient way to travel, workers or students can use e-scooters to access most parts of a city. 


A Lime survey in Washington, DC found that 44 per cent of riders said that riding e-scooters helped them access their current work and other job opportunities. Moreover, 57 per cent of the respondents reported using e-scooters regularly for work and school. For those who find commutes expensive, long, and tiring, e-scooters are an ideal solution to access opportunities better.

6. Help in increasing local economy 

Overall, electric scooters also have an impact on the local economy. Since e-scooters help people move around, locals and tourists have more access to shops, attractions, services, and more. In turn, this means more foot traffic for shops and more economic growth for cities. In fact, research at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School found that e-scooters for hire contribute around $13.8 million in additional sales to food and beverage shops. 

7. Explore more of the city

E-scooters offer more freedom when exploring a new place or city. Unlike riding cars or public transportation, e-scooters can go through narrow routes and areas where other modes of transportation can’t. Another lime survey in Washington, DC revealed that 72 per cent of e-scooter riders said they were able to visit more local shops and attractions since using shared e-scooters. Overall, e-scooters allow you to discover more places, explore more of the city, and have the freedom to go anywhere, as long as it is allowed.

Start riding e-scooters today

These are just some of the many electric scooter benefits that you can gain. What is great about e-scooters is that they can fit into your lifestyle anytime, depending on your travelling needs. If you need a light and compact ride for your everyday commute, then you can buy a lightweight and foldable electric scooter. Meanwhile, if you need a sturdier e-scooter that can ride any terrain, then you can get an off-roading e-scooter. Ultimately, an e-scooter will become your convenient travel solution, especially in cities.

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