.50 Cal Real Bullet Pint Glass

This Lucky Shot .50 Cal Real Bullet Handmade Pint Glass goes against the idea that drinking and ammunition is not a good mix. However, it’s also a great conversation starter.  The ultimate gift idea for almost any occasion for beer drinkers that like guns. It’s also a great way to say congratulations, thank you, happy birthday, happy retirement, and Happy Father’s Day!

The Lucky Shot .50 cal Real bullet handmade pint glass is made with a real bullet so handwash only. This pint glass will hold 16oz of beer or beverage of any kind.  The Pint Glass is embedded with a .308 bullet that has no gunpowder so it’s safe for drinking. It’s also lead-free. 

Lucky Shot .50 Cal Real Bullet Handmade Pint Glass…$79.99 on Amazon.

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