5 Tips to get your e-Commerce Site Ready for Voice Search.

E-commerce has changed with the introduction of Google Assistant and Alexa. Shopping is much more fun and easier with this voice-enabled service.

Voice searches that once was a science fiction have finally become a reality.

Voice search enables users to conduct online searches using their voice commands.

From research, 72% of people who use voice-enabled speakers use voice-enabled searches daily. By 2023, voice search e-commerce will reach $80 billion, according to an analyst at Juniper.

Based on these statistics, your e-commerce website needs to enable voice search. Voice search will help retailers maximize profits from their online stores.

want to know more about voice search and why your business needs this amazing feature today? Then follow me.

What is voice search, and why is it important?

Voice search enables users to conduct online searches using their voice commands. Users can shop hands-free as this technology eliminates the need to type commands.

Some people believe that the number of people using voice-enabled devices is small. But this belief is false.

55% of all US households will have smart speakers enabled for voice search in 2022. 10% of U.S. consumers are not familiar with voice-enabled products or devices.

E-commerce stores that have not enabled voice search might be losing sales. I hope yours is not among them.

These are the key reasons voice search is critical for your e-commerce website:

personalized shopping experience

The way we shop online today has changed. Everyone wants an easy and enjoyable experience. 

Each user’s shopping experience becomes more personalized based on their personal preferences.

For instance, a user who uses AmazonFresh to order his daily essentials via Alexa. Alexa  can make suggestions for this user who uses it to buy his daily goods from AmazonFresh.

Voice search makes it easier for a user who can’t remember every item they buy daily. The voice search populated the order sheet with the result of your previous order.

Quick process

62% of shoppers admitted to using voice search as part of their multitasking routine.

On average, a person types at a speed of 30–35 words per minute. But with voice search, the user’s search process can reach around 100 words per minute.

Voice search removes the rigor of striking the keyboard for you to shop online.

Multitasking is now possible for busy users who want to shop on the go using only voice commands.

Smart shopping

Voice search uses A.I. voice recognition and the fields of computing and linguistics. This makes it easier for people to search for things without having to type.

Sales on e-commerce channels have increased due to smart shopping. The number of carts that get abandoned daily has also reduced.

Easy review sharing.

With the aid of voice-enabled devices, users can now respond to surveys or a series of review forms on the go. 

If you haven’t considered voice search optimization do it now.

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