5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Twitter Followers and What should You Do?

We all have been through that phase of our social media journey when we suddenly start to see a decline in our Twitter follower’s growth rate. It feels helpless when you continuously see your followers count go down when you were expecting it to increase and you sit and wonder what went wrong?
In this article, you will get to know some of the reasons why you are losing Twitter followers and how to fix that?

Why You’re Losing Twitter Followers

Before we begin, let’s talk about unfollowers rate.
It is completely okay to lose a few followers on a daily basis, everyone does.
But you need to become serious when your unfollowers rate increase to a point where now you are facing a rapid decrease in your followers.
Let’s Begin.

Your content has become repetitive

Your followers who are following you from the beginning will eventually get bored of your content if you do not make any process in it and will unfollow you.

What should You Do?

With time keep updating your content, the concept, the quality.
Do not stick to just one pattern it will make your old followers get bored of it and not excited anymore that’s why they choose to unfollow after a certain time.
If you will keep updating your content your followers will gain more interest in your feed.

You have Fake Followers

If you have faced a sudden drop in your followers out of nowhere, the reason could be Twitter itself.
Why? Recently it was found that the famous social media networking website “Twitter” has millions of fake followers.
That is why Twitter has started to vanish all those fake and inactive accounts from its platform to gain its authenticity back.
Now if you are someone who has bought followers in the past then it will be a huge issue for you because you are going to lose all of them and you cannot do anything about it, and if you are someone who has never bought any followers and still faced a huge drop in your followers count then also it’s okay because everyone on Twitter has a little percentage of fake/ inactive accounts and it is good to get rid of them for your “engagement rate”.

What should You Do?

If you have ever bought followers in the past there’s nothing you can do to save them.
If you have never bought any, still you will have a few percentages of fake/ spam and inactive followers. It’s better to know about your followers and get a detailed fake followers audit report.
FollowerAudit an AI-Based Twitter followers tracker tool will audit your or any other public Twitter account for fake followers as well as inactive followers providing a detailed audit report.

You are not posting enough

You haven’t posted on your feed for a long time now.
When you become inactive certain followers will forget about you and will unfollow you after some time. People follow you to see your content regularly becoming inactive will be a very bad choice.

What should You Do?

Stay consistent with your content.
Create content in advance for a week or more days than that (only if you can) and plan your feed with a help of feed planner tools to keep your content well planned and sorted. This will help you to stay consistent.

You post too much about politics

Not everyone likes to talk about politics, not everyone has the same views on politics.
People who are not interested in it or do not agree with your point of view will unfollow you immediately.

What should You Do?

You get a follow for your content and not for your political choices (in most cases). It’s better to focus on your content and keep personal and professional life different.

You do not have the “RIGHT FOLLOWER”

Your content has a category (niche) and if some of your followers are not interested in it, they are going to hit the unfollow button immediately.

What should You Do?

It’s good to lose such followers who are not interested in your content because they will not interact with it leading to a drop in your engagement rate and reach. You shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Keep a track of your Twitter Unfollowers

Now that we have understood a few reasons why you are facing a sudden drop in followers and what should you do about it.
Let’s move forward to how to keep track of unfollowers.
It is important to have the knowledge on which days and months you have lost or gained more followers to modify your content according to it.
As mentioned above, FollowerAudit, a Twitter followers tracker tool will also help you track your unfollowers and identify who unfollowed you and when.
You will also get other amazing features like detailed followers analytics, tracking followers growth, etc.
We hope to see you soon again with another topic.

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