5 Fabulous & Short Styles For Black Women

sew in styles

Have you run out of ideas for styling your short hair instead of your long hair? Don’t be concerned; these celebrities have your back. If you’re not looking for cascading long hair with sew in styles or virgin human hair wigs, I have a short hairstyle to get you through the summer months, from glamorous updos to lovely, elegant curls.

1. Angled bob with side-swept bangs

body wave virgin hair
Short wavy bob with side-swept bangs

Certain bang styles come and go, but side-swept bangs are always popular—especially in 2014! I adore side-swept bangs because they are both fashionable and feminine, adding a delicate touch to any lady’s appearance. Taraji P. Henson looks stunning in this angled cut with matching side-swept bangs that are flirty and soft, making her perfect for any occasion. Did I mention how simple it is to pull off this look? Go ahead and try the look with body wave virgin hair!

2. Braided Halo

braid ideas
Chic look in halo braid

It would be a braid if I had to sum up popular hairstyles in one word. Braids are equally as hot to wear as updos, if not more so. Jada Pinkett-Smith is wearing one of the hottest hairstyles: the halo braid. And, as you’d expect from something with the word ‘halo,’ it produces a simply stunning and very angelic appearance. She appears to be a majestic lady from above with this gorgeous hairstyle. It may seem not easy to achieve, but there are plenty of simple how-to guides online that will have you looking seductive in minutes.

2. Bangs with a topknot

straight hair bundles
Stunning top knot with bangs

Topknots are extremely popular right now. For example, if you’re not wearing a topknot, you’re not in style. That’s all there is to it. Kelly Rowland’s gorgeous topknot is accented with some thick, edgy bangs that give her entire look some serious attitude. This hairstyle can easily transition from the office to the bedroom, and it’s also very simple to put together. Blend in straight hair bundles and tie your hair up in a tight knot on top of your head. To get Kelly’s glam look, pull out your bangs and a few extra strands.

4. Short blonde waves

body wave virgin hair
Head-turning blonde wavy bob

We can all agree that Ciara looks stunning with her retro-inspired locks. Her lovely waves have a ’50s vibe that is both chic and beautiful. I also like how she’s highlighted one side of her hair with caramel blonde highlights, giving her more attitude and sex appeal. Overall, we provide this flashback style a 10 out of 10.

5. Straight slick bob

closure sew in styles
Sleek side-parted lob for a stylish look

Sometimes it’s best to skip the frills and reach for your straightener, resulting in a slicked-down ‘do like Ashanti. She looks glorious and fierce with her slick straight locks, and this hairstyle works anywhere. It’s ideal for the office, girls’ nights out, or simply hanging out with your boyfriend on a Friday night watching movies. It’s super cute with a serious attitude that I adore; I can’t wait to try it on with closure sew in styles.


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