5 Common Causes of Slip-and-Fall Accidents


Slip and fall cases are prevalent and come under the umbrella of personal injury. It is also known as trip and fall, and its subject is based on a premises liability claim. The wounds of all types of individual injury cases fall under tort law.

The most common types of slip and fall injuries are broken bones, spinal cord injuries, Concussions, Severe Cuts, and any joint injury. To aid these injuries, the sufferer can claim compensation from the individual or group of individuals responsible for the damage. The responsible people are generally the owner of the premises held for a liability claim.

Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers in Indianapolis, Indiana can help the sufferer and their family recover from the injury by assisting in claiming and pleading for financial aid from defenders or insurance companies.

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What is a Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents happen due to some negligence by an individual that causes a trip and fall situation and leads to some injury to a person. This type of accident is considered personal injury and under premises liability claim.

Slip and fall accidents damage the sufferer’s personal life; therefore, the case is considered civil law and a violation of tort law. Thus, the sufferer can take legal action if the injury has occurred provably and lawfully on the defendant’s property.

Two categories of individuals’ Legal claim

1. As an Invitee

When an individual who invites someone for a specific purpose, such as a business, is considered an invitee, situations where a person attains a function open to the public are also categorized under this type.

2. As a Licensee

Someone who gives an individual formal permission to enter their property as a social guest is a licensee. If the sufferer has trespassed on the property without the owner’s consent, the owner is not liable for any incident.

5 Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Whichever category the person liable for the incident falls under, there are five common causes of slip and fall accidents. First, Walking can also be dangerous. Generally, slip, and fall accidents occur in domestic, commercial, industrial, and public places. To avoid these accidents, everyone should be aware of their surroundings.

Hence, the list of most common causes of slip and fall accidents.

1. Improper Surfaces or Floor

The most common types of slip and fall accidents are because of wet and uneven surfaces. The floor should be kept uncluttered with good regular housekeeping and checking to avoid these accidents.

Loose floorboards, potholes, torn carpeting, wet or moisture floors, loose carpets, and cluttered flooring are the common types of improper surfaces.

2. Weather and Environmental conditions

Improper surfaces can be dealt with by taking proper care of the floor, although weather conditions are unpredictable and cause many slip and fall accidents. To avoid accidents, the property owner or municipality workers have the legal responsibility to take care of the surfaces.

They are responsible for shoveling sidewalks, plowing streets or gardens, creating grips for walkways and steps. If the negligence of this responsibility is observed as the reason for slip and fall cases, then the owners or workers are liable for the slip and fall accident.

Debris or trash floor, cords on the walkway, or poor lighting amplifies the weather and environmental effects.

3. Dangerous Ladders and Stairs

Dangerous ladders and stairs with unsafe usage can lead to severe slip and fall accidents. These types of accidents have hazardous injuries. Therefore, one should take care while using the stairs and be cautious about safety.

In various situations, slip and fall accidents happen on ladders and stairs. These situations include Lack of Handrails, worn or warped surfaces of stairs, polished stairs with extra smoothness, non-secure ladder, and rushing while using the stairs.

4. Negligence in a nursing home

Nursing homes are safe to care for adults. However, severe injuries can happen when they are negligent with their surroundings. Additionally, older adults have a higher risk of falling due to a significantly lesser sense of balance.

Hip fractures are the most common damages because of nursery home negligence. Compared to youngsters, elders have decreased recovery speed and chances. Therefore, it is essential to supervise the conditions of nursing homes.

5. Improper Footwear and Walking

Not all causes are because of the owner’s mistake. For example, 24% of slip and fall cases are caused by improper footwear. Any footwear with ill-fitting, lack of traction, or some issues can lead to slip and fall cases.

Inattentive Walking can lead to slip and fall accidents. Be attentive to the path you are walking on and avoid rushing. Swift and hurried steps can increase the risk of a fall. Take care from your side, as slip and fall accidents leave long-term adverse effects.

These were the most common causes of slip and fall accidents. Generally, the property owner is liable to pay compensation for the slip and fall accident. Exemptions can be made in the last cause, which happened because of the sufferer’s mistake.

Adding to it, even fraud cases have increased for slip and fall accidents. Many people have started making false claims to get compensation. For instance, someone might be hurt at a place but claim a slip and fall accident at a particular property for financial aid. Cases like these have increased, and investigation is even more strict.

Therefore, to prove your claims correct, having a personal injury lawyer by your side can help you have the financial aid you need for recovering from the injury that happened because of the accident. After the slip and fall accident, one requires help completing legalities for compensation, court trial if needed, and negotiations with the insurance companies.


Unfortunately, Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. These accidents sometimes don’t have severe impacts, but they can cause a significant injury or lifelong suffering. Nothing can revert the adverse effects of slip and fall accidents, but financial compensation can ease the journey towards recovery.

Victims of slip and fall accidents can seek compensation for all injuries, but the primary step is to go to the doctor after injury. The doctor can make a report and prove the cause of the damage. Various other legalities are followed by the information to claim compensation.

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