5 Characteristics to Become a Successful Artist

5 Characteristics to Become a Successful Artist 


Artists are some of the most influential figures in society.  

Not only do artists serve as role models to millions of youths around the world. They also help shape opinion on topical issues. Besides, artists contribute immensely to economic growth by meeting their tax obligations while also involving themselves in charitable organizations.  

However, becoming a successful artist is no mean feat. It involves years of cultivating positive habits while daring to rise beyond the horizon.  

Wondering how to be an artist? Below are the top five key traits every successful artist must have. 


Successful Artists Specialize 

Names like Leonardo Da Vinci, Kenny Rogers, and the Great Houdini all ring a bell. However, these personalities excelled in different forms of art.  

It would have been convenient for them to pursue multiple artistic ventures. But they chose to specialize in one area, which ultimately paid huge dividends.  

You probably already know that there are various forms of art you can involve yourself in. And it may be tempting to pursue several endeavors depending on your range of talents and passion. However, success in the creative industry comes from finding your niche and specializing in it.  

Whether drawing, painting, dancing, singing, or stunt performing, channel all your energy and resources around one area. Shun the urge to become a jack of all trades. At least until you’ve achieved the highest level of excellence in a particular field. 

Successful Artists Maintain Situational Awareness At All Times 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an aspiring or established artist. You must maintain situational awareness always. Letting your guard down for a moment can have far-reaching implications.  

For instance, you don’t want to be caught driving recklessly. Being arraigned for dangerous driving may affect your reputation and fortunes. You could lose all active endorsements as no self-respecting brand would want to associate themselves with a wayward influencer.  

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Another reason artists should maintain situational awareness is that there are always sources of creative inspiration around us. While staring blankly into space may not mean much to some people, it could give you the much-required inspiration to compose your following poem stanza. 


Successful Artists Understand Their Audience 

The ability to understand your audience is another crucial trait of successful artists 

Every artist should begin by knowing the nature of the audience they wish to target. That takes us back to the importance of specialization.  

However, simply knowing that your target audience is into music, painting, poetry, etc., isn’t enough. It would also help to understand the specific genres that appeal to them. For instance, you’ll have little luck appealing to a hip-hop-loving audience when you’re into soul or afro music.  

It’s also prudent to know your audience demographics. Does the demographic comprise predominantly young or older people? What gender are you seeking to target the most? And are there potential geographical or sociocultural barriers? 


Successful Artists Are Attentive To Detail 

Imagine composing a song where the vocals and instrumentals are in perfect harmony, but the lyrics are laced with typographical errors! Or create a beautiful paint job but use visibly incompatible colors!  

Failing to exercise due diligence may ruin in seconds a piece of artwork that took years to put together. And that’s precisely why you need to be attentive to every detail before releasing your projects for public consumption.  

If it looks a little less than perfect for you, yet you’re the creator, then you can be sure it will look much uglier for your target audience.  

One way to whip stellar artwork is by having all your projects peer-reviewed. Be open to all feedback from these reviews and make the necessary adjustments before releasing your works to the general public. 

Successful Artists Express Gratitude 

There’s no standard measure for excellence in the artistic world. Even the most iconic painting – the Mona Lisa – doesn’t look perfect to many critics.  

Therefore, excellence isn’t an absolute goal to aspire for. Instead, it’s the cumulative sum of the small accomplishments realized at various points in your artistic work.  

Expressing gratitude for your achievements (however insignificant they may seem) can offer you the motivation you need to keep going. Patting yourself on the back renews your trust in your abilities while also helping to combat self-limiting thoughts. So, even if your stage performance only meets the audience halfway, you can still appreciate yourself for managing to turn up for the show.  

Just be sure not to confuse gratitude with complacency. Do not wallow so much in the glory of your achievements as forget the urgent tasks.  


Wrap Up 

Becoming a successful artist is not an overnight event but a process that requires diligently practicing the above-listed habits. And when all is said and done, remember to maintain ruthless determination and consistency. That’s the only way you’ll command the spotlight for years. 



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