100 Motivational Memes & Quotes To Get You Through Work

100 Motivational Memes Quotes To Get You Through The Day

Read over 100 motivational memes and quotes to help you get through work with a good mindset. Come back for motivational pick me ups through out the day.

Who said inspiration has to be terribly deep? These inspirational and motivational memes will give you a boost to get through the work day.

Most of us need some inspirational help from time to time, so I felt like sharing some quotes and memes. Now, I know that motivational memes and quotes don’t work for everyone and that is OK. What I share here won’t be relatable to everyone, and some of these thoughts may seem a little out there. But, I like sharing inspirational memes and thoughts as they come to mind. That is part of the reason to join SPN in my opinion.

I love the groups and the people sharing what’s on their mind here. There is going to be a wide range of memes and thoughts below. Some things are going to be meant to make you laugh and other things will be meant to make you think. However, all the memes and quotes belows really are just meant to entertain and perhaps inspire you a little bit.

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If your opponent is prone to anger seek to irritate him - Sun Tzu Quotes

If your opponent is prone to anger seek to irritate him

Sun Tzu quotes always make me think for many reasons. I love the quotes and how they applied to time of Sun Tzu. If you’re into news and politics, you probably also see how his quotes still motivate the world today inn some ways. 

All that aside, I brought this up on a blog about motivational memes and quotes to get you through work to let you know about how narcissistic people use this tactic.

Stick to the plan

Stick to the plan

Stick to the plan You most likely got where you are because it’s part of a plan you had to put yourself in a better position. Remember that reason for getting into this position. 

Should you really stick to the plan?

You are always free to revaluate things. I take a look at and consider my options frequently. There is nothing wrong with thinking about the greener grass on the side of the fence, but you also have to remember to water your grass daily. If you had a plan and you are still working toward those same goals, stick to the plan. You got this!

Being poor is only romantic in books (motivational quotes)

Being poor is only romantic in books

Sidney Sheldon, an American writer, made a great point when he said, “being poor is only romantic in books.” This is a quote that has helped me get through many days of work at jobs that I didn’t like. 

Be thankful for it all

Be thankful for it all

How many times did you wonder if you would see tomorrow? Yet, here you are. Have you met an old bitter person and old happy person? Getting old or living through this world can be very challenging, but every day really is a gift for many reasons. We never know when our time will be up, but the time we do have should be spent as happily as possible. Wouldn’t you agree? Be happy and thankful for all of it, because the bitter truly makes the sweet that much sweeter.

Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it (Twain Quotes)

Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it

Mark Twain quotes, and his books, are up there with some of the biggest influences of my life. Twain’s quote range from “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything” to the quote above. Both quotes offer a lot of great advice, and don’t contradict themselves as much as you might initially think.

You can avoid telling someone the full truth without telling a lie. It is often in our own best interest to be less than totally truthful with some people. Tell the truth, but remember that every word can and will be used against you by some people. Pick and choose your words carefully. Never forget that second of thought prior to speaking is important at all times because words are like arrows. You can’t take words or arrows back once you fire them at someone.

Trees Lose Their Leaves Every Year

Trees Lose Their Leaves Every Year

Do you know why some trees lose their leaves every year? Trees ditch their leaves during the cold and dark seasons, so they can conserve their energy for the better weather. Letting the leaves fall off when the wind is cold and the sun isn’t shinning as bright saves energy for growth periods. People are the same in a lot of ways, because we should focus on catching gloomy vibes and wasting energy either.

All cruelty springs from weakness (Seneca Quotes)

All cruelty springs from weakness

Seneca gets credit for “all cruelty springs from weakness”, which is true as it is old at this point. Being kind to people is a lot harder than being cruel, because it requires compassion, strength, and wisdom. If someone is being cruel to you, they’re showing you weakness, because strong people aren’t cruel by nature. 

Seneca made it into this blog about motivational memes and quotes on SPN due to the history of the golden rule in Stoicism. SPN was built around the idea of spreading the golden rule, right?

Make decisions that set you free

Make decisions that set you free

Life is short so it is important to remember that you can do anything that you decide to do. It’s also important to remember that life is hard enough so don’t carry burdens that aren’t yours to bare. Make decisions that set you free to live the life you want.

Life is full of irony


Life is full of irony and we have no choice but to endure the bad while trying to enjoy the good. We often don’t appreciate our youth or health until one is leaving or both are leaving us. You won’t be any younger tomorrow, so enjoy every moment that you can

Someone despises me Thats their problem (Marcus Aurelius Quotes)

Someone despises me Thats their problem

“If any man despises me, that is his problem. My only concern is not doing or saying anything deserving of contempt,” Marcus Aurelius. This quote definitely applies to the social media world of today. 

Half of the people that know you are going to be resentful or hate something about you no matter what. That is just the way it is. Most people are dealing with trama and have reasons for their actions or anxiety. It’s not our place to worry about what other people do or think as long as we are trying our best to live a good life. Our biggest responsibility is leading the best life possible, which is a big responsibility.

Peace is always worth it

Peace is always worth it

There will be many times in life when an apparent loss ends up being a gain, especially if that loss brings you peace. We often fear what we might lose without realixing what it costs us to retain whatever it is causing us stress. When it comes down to it, choosing peaces always seems worth it. Just don’t confuse peace for being a doormat.

Never trust a man who speaks well of everybody

Never trust a man who speaks of everybody

“Never trust a man who speaks well of everybody” is a quote that John Churton Collins gets credit for. However, it sounds like many old sayings because there is a lot of truth to it.

Not all men are good. Some men are terrible. We are all have met terrible people at some point. Now, we may have different opinions of who is good and who is not, but we all should be able to agree that not all men (or women) are good. 

Therefore, anyone that acts this way around you all the time isn’t being genuine. At least, that is what the quote suggests. We should all focus on passing nothing but positive vibes, but the world has a wide range of people.

A lot of problems would disappear

A lot of problems would disappear

It’s natural to talk about other people, but know that talking with people is better than speaking about them. We all talk about others, so it is important to pay attention how people speak about others. Surround yourself with people that tend to speak more positively about others, because that is how they will talk about you. Look for and spread positive vibes, because negative words lead to negative actions. Develop accountability and honest communication whenever possible.

Postive thinking leads to positive living

What to change your life? Change your thinking

Life isn’t just full of irony, because there are a lot of ups and downs in every life that was ever lived. It is human nature to change with our environment or just as time passes. It is important to pay attention to what is occupying your mind. If you’re finding yourself in one of life’s valleys, revaluate what has been occupying your mind. It is not easy to change the way you look at things, but it is super important, if you find yourself in a negative thinking pattern. Life is short, so pay attention to your thoughts and keep them as positive as possible. Positive thinking leads to positive living, and the opposite is also true. Therefore, it’s important to look at the brighter side of things. 

Master how to remain calm

Master how to remain calm

I truly believe knowing how to remain calm no matter what happens is perhaps the best life-skills one can have. Staying calm is hard to do, but remaining in a calm state has a lot of benefits.  Being in a calm state of mind reduces stress and anxiety, which also leads to better decision-making. By being calm, you’re more self-aware because you’re more attuned to own emotions and stressors. If you want to live a happy life, learn to roll with the punches and stay calm no matter what happens.

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Motivational memes can be funny too

Motivational memes can be funny

I know the theme here is motivational memes, but I often find motivation in humor. The reality is we are largely responsible for where we end up in life. Our decisions, no matter how big or small, are what determine our lives. Make good decisions to remember to find humor and motivation in everything that you can.

Old quotes make great motivational memes, I guess

Old quotes make great motivational memes, I guess

This old quote by John Rockefeller, “he who works all day, has no time to make money,” is still relevant today. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t work, nor am I knocking the working person. The point is that you have to squeeze time in no matter what to develops ways to make money while you’re doing other things. Living pay check to check is hard, and it’s the reality for most of us, so it is important to develop others ways to make residual income. Start off investing 20 minutes a day into researching residual income possibilities. Add time to that 20 minutes as you are able, and you will be glad you did.

You have to risk it for the biscuit

You have to risk it for the biscuit

A young kid told me that “You have to risk it for the biscuit” while playing a board game a few years ago. The phrase quickly became my favorite colloquial saying because it reminds that you have to do whatever it takes if you want to be successful. Talent can take you farther than you can ever imagine, but consistent effort and determination can take you further. You have to ask if youself if you’re willing to put in the time, effort, or whatever it takes, to get the reward you seek.

Smiling is contagious

Smiling is contagious

When it doubt, let the smile out. A genuine smile can help people feel better about themselves and the situation. It’s also really hard to be mean or upset with someone that is smiling or trying to make you feel better in some way. Don’t forget that a smile sets the tone.

Don't be afraid to spread your wings

Don't be afraid to spread your wings


Sure, there are no guarantees in life, unless you count death and taxes, which part of the reason why you should spread your wings. You only get one chance at life, and leaving the safety of whatever nest you’re in can be scary because the destination is unknown. The early bird gets the worm and the birds that are afraid to fly often go hungry. Most of what we fear never actually happens and when it does you live it twice, so don’t let fear deter you from taking chances. Spread your wings and leave the nest at every opportunity.

Nothing is permanent

Nothing is permanent

Nothing is permanent except the constant changing around us and to us. If you’re in rough spot, remember that things are going to change so keep a positive mindset.

Optimism leads to abundance everywhere

Develop an abundance mindset

Many very successful entrepreneurs will tell you that optimism leads to abundance. People want to surround themselves with positve vibes, so you atract more people when you’re thinking and acting positively. People that are optimistic seek to create win-win relationships. Try to think optimistically as much as possible and watch how you attract new opportunities and connections.

Time for happiness - The Best Kind Of Motivational Memes

Time for happiness

To me, the best kind of motivational memes are the remind you that it is always time for happiness. Being happy really should be the top goal every day of your life. No matter what terrible tasks we are doing or hardship we are enduring, there is always a reason to be happy when you have breath in your lungs.

Tupac quotes apply to work

Tupac Quotes Apply To Work

There really are a ton of great Tupac quotes that relate to all areas of life. This quote about people being loved for being fake has always been a personal favorite. If you feel like you’re not getting the love, because you’re keeping real, be proud of yourself.

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Be patient and tough - motivational quotes

Ovid may have been a poet during the regin of Augutus but his motivational quotes are still relevant today. Tough days make you tougher, so take solace in knowing that your worst days build strength that you will need later in life.

Ovid may have been a poet during the regin of Augutus but his motivational quotes are still relevant today. Tough days make you tougher, so take solace in knowing that your worst days build strength that you will need later in life.

Think about all the painful experiences you already had that gave you wisdom and strength. Experiences, both good and bad, teaches us life-lessons. The wise amongst us, like dear Ovid, share what they learn. Use your painful experiences to help others.

Are you open to new opportunities

Are you open to new opportunities

Being open to new opportunities doesn’t always mean looking for a new job. This is going back to my earlier points about being optimistic. We all have ups and downs in life, it’s natural, but those down moments have a real opportunity cost. 

Take care of yourself. Do what you have to do to stay as happy and healthy as long possible. Your happiness and health are the two most important things you have control over to some degree.

Act as if

Like you do

Acting as if you love what you’re eating, even though you don’t, because you want to eat healthier is a life-hack that I didn’t think would work. It works for me a lot better than I ever thought it possibly could. Acting like you want to do something invites more happiness into your life. Acting as if you’re happy will help you quite a bit during your down times.

You can choose to act if your depressed by taking a nap or over eating or you can act as if you’re happy and go for a walk or something more productive. By the way, I’ve found going for longs walks daily really helps with my mood, and I began my walks by acting like I liked to go for walks.

Now, I like to go for walks, I’m losing weight, and my happiness levels are more consistent. There are many benefits to leading an active life and trying to focus on happiness.

Limitless potential

Limitless potential

You have to believe in limitless potentional, if you want to exceed your limits. As humans, we know there are limits to what we can and cannot do. However, we have to suspend the pragmatic part of our brains to some degree, if we want to excel at just about anything. You should know your limits to some degree, but also shouldn’t focus on them.

People catch vibes

People catch vibes

People catch vibes. Everyone you know has a natural human ability to catch vibes from everyone that they meet. Now, some people mask their true intentions by putting out postive vibes no matter what they’re really up to. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of what vibes we are putting and what vibes other people are putting out.

It’s also very important to trust our gut instinct because that is another natural human ability. Ignoring our gut instincts often works out to our own detriment, so don’t do it. 

Live your life to the fullest

Live your life

When was the last time someone reminded you to live life to its fullest and to cherish every day like its your last?

I remind myself many times a day because it makes me better decisions. My life is definitely happier since I began this ritual of reminding myself often that my days are limited. Plan for the future, but live for today too!

Add Your Heading TName those obstacles

Name those obstacles

There are times whem obstacles have names, and there are times where our obstacles have our name. Make sure that you aren’t your biggest obstacle by sticking in bad situations or falling into traps. The types are traps that I’m talking about are toxic situations that you know you can avoid. Don’t take the bait from people you know want to be an obstacle for you. When you take the bait and engage in nonsense, you’re being your own worst obstacle.

By the content of their hearts (great quotes)

By the content of their hearts (great quotes)

Dodinsky also had a lot of great quotes that made me think a lot over the years. This advice by judging people by the contents of their hearts is golden. We all have up and downs, so it’s important to look deeper when determining what relationships you should develop and which you should move on from. It’s always easier to give someone a little grace when you know they have a good heart.

The future is your motivation

The future is your motivation

If you’re going through a tough time, remember that your future is your motivation. Work hard today to build something for tomorrow. You got this.


Keep working and believing in yourself (motivational memes)

Keep working and believing in yourself

A lot can happen in six months, so don’t forget that. Keeping and believing in yourself to put yourself on the right path.

Dont forget to grateful for what you do have
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