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Personality Wins Over Experience

Why Personality Trumps Experience While Hiring

Why personality trumps experience while hiring by Henry Landau During the interview process, one of the most daunting tasks that recruiters face is the question of how good the new hire would be and how well he or she would

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10 Rules To Live By

10 Rules To Live By For A Happier Life

I want to share some life lessons that I learned along my path to perhaps help you on yours. Here are some of the simple reminders we can all use from time to time. Always move forward Life is full

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Call Sign: Wrecking Crew series of books

Putting Yourself Out There

I’m predominantly an introvert. However, there are times when I find that I’m the one getting others to participate. When I was in high school, I was in the Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps (JROTC). A year ahead of me

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Returning Hate With Hate

10 Tips For Social Media Or Life

10 Tips For Social Media Or Life…Let’s talk about it… Treat all people like you want to be treated. Give the grace you hope to receive. Never trade your integrity for anything, especially followers or fake friends. Be kind even

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Generator Technologies Inc

If you want to be prepared in the event of a blackout, installing a Kohler Standby generator system may be your best option. At Generator Technologies, Inc., we can answer all of your questions about new installation. To schedule your

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Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Uncontested Divorce Attorney

At Law Offices of Boris Nikhman, we know what it takes to get the job done and our number one goal is to provide adequate, knowledgeable service to our clients. Our law firm sincerely cares about each and every single

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SEO Pro Hub UK

At SEO Pro Hub, we’re an SEO firm that’s focused on providing you with the best SEO services at the price that no other SEO agency in competition can offer. Each SEO professional at SEO Pro Hub practices ethical and

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Buzzing Bee

Buzzing Bee

Our firm Buzzing Bee provide supplies that are required during beekeeping and could easily be used for beginners that have recently started beekeeping as a hobby or professionals that are working in beekeeping industries. Our beekeeping suits generally consist of

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Habib Rahman


Crutchfield, Charlottesville, Virginia. 384,979 likes · 11,192 talking about this · 574 were here. http://www.crutchfield.com/fb Audio, video, and more. Since 1974. 1-800-309-2075 – Free standard…

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Pack Pal Tinder Maker with Fire Starter

Pack Pal Tinder Maker with Fire Starter

The Pack Pal Tinder Maker with Fire Starter makes our list of the best camping gear. This might even be my one item if I were to try that Naked and Afraid tv show. Anyone that knows anything about being

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Gaiam Wellbeing Dual Finger Massager

Gaiam Restore Finger Massager

Previous Next The Gaiam Restore Finger Massager is a gift that is perfect for anyone with stiffness, joint pain, and arthritis in their hands. It’s also on Amazon for just $9.98 with about 900 positive reviews.  This finger massager is

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Tiki Toss Desktop Game

Desktop Tiki Toss – Great Drinking Game

The desktop Tiki Toss game is a great drinking game for any beer lovers. This is also a great game for teens. It’s not great for super OCD and ultra-competitive people like me.   This hook-and-ring design is sized for the desktop. It’s

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SAKI Automatic Pot Mixer Auto-Stirrer for Cooking

Saki Automatic Pot Stirrer

              Previous Next The Saki Automatic Pot Stirrer makes the grade for the induction into the gifts for men and women gift guides. This automatic pot stirrer makes the grade due to the awesome

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