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10 Rules To Live By

10 Rules To Live By For A Happier Life

I want to share some life lessons that I learned along my path to perhaps help you on yours. Here are some of the simple reminders we can all use from time to time. Always move forward Life is full

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Top Employees Work More Than You Think

Top Employees Work More Than You Think

How many hours do you think your employees really work? When we take out the water-cooler chats, bathroom breaks, and general distractions, it is probably 80% capacity or about 6.5 hours/day, or 32 hours/week. What about if they are working

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Are You on the list?

Are You On The List? You Should Be

Create an SPN social media profile and ask to be on the auto-friend list by commenting below or messaging me directly. Get on the list and become friends with every new member. It’s that simple. Build your professional network on

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Use social media marketing for SEO

How To Use Social Media Content Marketing For SEO

Learning how to use social media content marketing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes can grow your business online. Your social media activity and SEO are on the same team so they should work together. SEO results can also improve

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How to been seen

How Google Search Works & How To Be Seen

Everyone that does online advertising wants to know two things: How Google search works and how to be seen on Google.  So I felt the best place to start is this intro video directly from the Google YouTube channel. The

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Sharing Is Social Media

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing is caring is a term you will see a lot on social media. That is due to the power social sharing brings to any brand.  Everything on the internet is basically a referral or paid advertisement in some way,

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Michele Gunn

Cultivate and Thrive

Feeling stuck, unfulfilled? At a loss with dealing with your children? Need new ways to make your personal relationship stronger? You are in the right place! Schedule your Discovery Call today!

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Quality-Cut Landscape Management

Welcome to Quality-Cut Landscape Management. Thank you for your interest in our company. We can assure you are our top priority. If you are looking for quality service at a great price look no further. We have reliable and knowledgeable

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Speed Of Light

Speed of Light Electrical Services offers superior service and quality at competitive pricing. There is no job too big or small to handle. Our friendly staff of electricians are licensed, insured and bonded. Your electrical system is the heart of

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Buzz Geek

Buzz Geek SEO

At BuzzGeek, we’ll collaborate with you to develop a web design, digital marketing and local SEO solutions that meets your needs, budget and goals. If you’re ready to get some online traction, let’s talk. Give us a call today and

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Saint Paul Appliance Service

Birmingham Appliance Repair Service is the leading mobile appliance repair business in Birmingham, Alabama. Repairing all major home appliances including dishwashers, ice makers, garbage disposals, microwaves, washers, refrigerators, washers, dryers and more. We strive for same day service repairing appliances

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Habib Rahman

What Hi-Fi?

What Hi-Fi?, London, United Kingdom. What Hi-Fi? is the ultimate buying guide for everything audio and video, from speakers to headphones to TVs. Expert…

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Gift of nothing

Gift Of Nothing

Previous Next Give the gift of nothing for the special people in your life that have everything or perhaps just deserve it. Whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts or gifts for co-workers you love to hate, give “the gift of nothing.” This

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Novelty Gift Book: Why Grandparents Should Wear Thongs

Why Grandparents Should Wear Thongs

Are you looking for really great anniversary gifts for your grandparents? Well, if they have a sense of humor as off as yours appears to be they’ll love “Why Grandparents Should Wear Thongs.” THIS IS JUST A NOTEBOOK WITH FUNNY COVER –

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Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Slingshot

Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Slingshot

Previous Next The Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Slingshot takes the classic slingshot to the next level. Everyone knows the original slingshot’s stretchy pouch fires steel slugs, marbles, .4 cal paintballs, and airsoft ammo. The Pocket Shot Pro Arrow is different

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Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Incense Burner

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Incense Burner

The Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Incense Burner makes our best gifts for geeks list, because we all know a nerd that still says “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” We all know one. They usually are the nerds of the hippie

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Couchmaster CYBOT - Ergonomic Lap Desk

Couchmaster CYBOT Ergonomic Lap Desk

Previous Next The Couchmaster CYBOT is a great gift idea for gamers and anyone that works from home. It’s also great for people that spend a lot of time looking for cool stuff online to buy. The Couchmaster CYBOT was

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