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Mike O’Connor‘s book review on BREAKTHROUGH by Doyle Buehler. Buy The Book: I always take things with a grain of salt. That is especially true when it comes to social media and digital marketing gurus. There are so many fakes

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business strategy planners

Exit Your Way: Business Strategy Plan Experts

Exit Your Way is a strategic partner and sponsor of the Service Professionals Network (#SPN).  SPN likes the way the Exit Your Way team goes about helping business owners. Less than 25% of all companies put on the market actually

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Trampoline Sprinkler

Trampoline Sprinkler

CHECK IT OUT The Trampoline Sprinkler answers the lifelong question that I ask myself every summer: How can we make trampolines more dangerous? You know your kids are going to be entrepreneurs if they have their friends sign waivers and

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Human Slingshot

The Human Slingshot – Fun Games & Toys

      Previous Next The Human Slingshot takes chest-bumping, rassling, and roughhousing with your friends to the next level. If you have friends or enemies Chest bumps, head butts, and sharp kicks to the shins unite! The Human Slingshot

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Big Money Gettas Music Group LLC

Big Money Gettas Music Group LLC is label for St. Louis Mo, Help give opportunity to St. Louis Mo. CEO LaVerle Washington is dream make Big Money Gettas Music Group one big Record label in the world.

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Destin Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

Destin Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

The high Destin humidity cause dirt, grime and mildew to collect on your home’s vinyl siding and if not cleaned, can cause costly repairs, renovations or replacements. These contaminates are removable without using excessive water pressure, which can cause damage,

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Habib Rahman


Halfords. 224K likes. For expert advice, top tips and inspiration in cycling, motoring and leisure, follow us and make sure you’re ready for anything 🚲 🚗 ⛺. Our customer service hours are: 9am-8pm…

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