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SPN Contributor Blogs
Kevin Love

Hacked or Not?

So, I am seeing folks posting about accounts being hacked like Twitter or Facebook but not SPN. The larger the attack surface, the greater the

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Information on baclinks
Contributor's Corner
Craig Wasilchak

Backlinks: What Are They & Why Do You Need Them?

Backlinks are key if you want to rank well in Google search results. If you’re wondering how Google search works and how to be seen

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Special Edition Easement for the Uneasiness of Interview Delays created by Jobready2dey's Content Team
Jobready2dey, LLC

Easement for the Uneasiness of Interview Delays

Some situations happen in real-life that can be a learning experience for others. A prime example of that recently took place. For the purposes of

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The Simple Wild: A Novel (The Simple Wild, Book 1) Book Review
Book Review
Tina Oliver

The Simple Wild & Wild at Heart Novels Review By Tina Oliver

The Simple Wild and Wild at Heart are part of a three-book series that includes a novella between books two and three. This series is

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Employee Satisfaction Leads To Customer Satisfaction
Contributor's Corner
Bernie Fussenegger

Happy Employees Create Happy Customers

Happy Employees = Happy Customers Rewarding and keeping your employees happy has a direct impact on your customers. If your employees are taken care of,

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Go Giver Book Review
Book Review
Ira Bowman

The Go-Giver Book Review by Ira Bowman

I just finished reading The Go-Giver, by BobBurg and John David Mann and it is a must-read! The book was originallyreleased back in 2007 however

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