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The Service Professionals Network (SPN) is professional and social networking site. SPN helps connect people and businesses around the world.

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SPN is a free social media website with a free job board, blogging community, and local business directory

Grow a professional or social network on SPN

You can grow a professional or social network on SPN like you would any other social media website. Just create an account and starting connecting with other members.

Send invites to connect and follow all the featured members to networking with vetted members. Our featured members tend to be pretty active on social media while following the golden rule.

Professional and social networking

In today’s world, the line between professional and social networking becomes less clear all the time. Our role is to help people realize there shouldn’t be a line. Good people tend to do good things both socially and professionally.

SPN is here to help connect good people in an honest and transparent way.

Become a featured member on SPN

To become a featured member, you must have a solid profile and track record of networking with other SPN members. Featured members can nominate other members to be featured. Any member can also request verification for free.

We verify members by checking their profiles and online digital footprint. Our goal is to help good people and businesses around the world, so start networking here.

Share your social media or post a blog

Anyone can create an account to share any type of social media activity on SPN!

You can also post a blog here for free. Our editors do have to approve blogs before they go live due to the nature of the internet.

Our team works hard daily to provide a safe and spam free environment for everyone. We also work hard to provide a place for honest public conversations and free speech. You can report or block other members at anytime.

SPN reviews and testimonials

We encourage members to provide reviews and testimonials for businesses and professional service providers or colleagues here. Online reviews and testimonials can help people earn business or land a job. Let people know who has been treating you right lately.

SPN reviews and professional testimonials are meant to help bring good people and businesses together. Make sure to ask your customers and colleagues to leave you a business review or professional testimonial on SPN!

Claim your free local business listing

You can add a business to the directory for free. It’s a great way to find businesses near you. Our local directory is also a great way to get some free marketing for any business.

Make sure to use the best category and tags to describe your products and services. The tags are really what help people find a business through the search engines. Check out the NEAR ME pages to get ideas on what tags to use to market your business here.

Join SPN & Invite your friends, family, or professional colleagues

Join SPN to build a professional or social network as you wish. SPN is here to help people in many different ways. This website is a free resource due to our sponsors and Amazon revenue. Buying things through our Amazon links doesn’t affect your cost, and it helps us provide this free website.

Make sure to read through the SPN rules, privacy policy, terms and conditions as well as our affiliate marketing disclosure.

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